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Dear LAA Family,

I hope you are having a great break from school!

In compliance with local regulations, and approval by the LAA School Board, we have submitted our plans for second semester to the health department, and they were approved. This is what school will look like for the near future:

January 4-8 will be virtual for all students.

Beginning on January 11, we will have hybrid options. Those who have traveled, had out-of-state guests in their homes, or attended any social gatherings (with anyone who has traveled or possibly been exposed to people who have been out of state) need to continue online school for 10 days after you were last exposed to anyone outside of your family, even if they did not have COVID-19 or any symptoms. Those in grades K-6 who have stayed home alone may choose to come to school with masks and social distancing, or may choose to stay online beginning January 11. Grades 4-6 will be in class Monday through Thursday, and online on Fridays. Grades 7-8 will need to be online Monday through Thursday and come to school on Fridays. (K-3 will be in person every day.)

AS ALWAYS, if a family member or someone you spend time with has a positive test, you must quarantine and continue online classes until cleared by the health department to return. You may review the PowerPoint on the website to review this and other procedures.

The health department has asked us to keep track of which students have traveled outside of Kentucky or had anyone in their homes that live outside of Kentucky. Some of you will feel this is an invasion of your privacy. We are not judging people for living their lives. That is why we are offering the hybrid version for those who have not been sequestered over the break. PLEASE let Mrs. Sharp know if and when you have been with people so she can keep track.

Mrs. Ito's class will need to pick up books and papers this Friday or Sunday. Please let me know what time works for you. Mrs. Combs already took care of her class!

Remember, on January 4-8: Please wake up, have your morning worship, shower and breakfast in time to be online at 7:55 so we can begin at 8:00!

Lastly, but of most importance, please continue to keep our school family in your prayers. The board and staff strive to put God first in our decisions and in what and how we teach. Pray for the teachers daily with your students. Pray for the students to study hard and to continually develop a saving relationship with God. Philippians 4:6 "Don't worry about anything. Instead pray about everything."


Pastor Carlis and our students at chapel on Tuesday! Thank you Pastor Carlis for our bible studies!!