Parent's Corner

I chose LAA because my daughter is learning more about Jesus and she feels more comfortable. My property is her spiritual life. I love small classrooms. They learn better.


I choose LAA so that my kids can have a Christian education to grow up to love Jesus. My favorite thing is the small classrooms. The students, parents, and staff are all very kind. I have two students there.


I chose LAA to provide an Adventist Christian education for my daughter. The staff care for the students and are striving to instill Christian principles in our children to prepare them for Heaven.


I chose LAA because it is an Adventist school and I believe they teach the bible completely. I also went to school there. My favorite thing about LAA is the worthy student fund and how they make it possible for children to go there when they don't have the money. Another favorite thing is the fact that they teach biblical truth and hire Adventist teachers. I have one son at LAA.


I chose LAA because it teaches my daughter to know God and they study the bible. My favorite thing is it is a Christian school.


I chose LAA because it is a better education and environment for my child. My favorite thing is teaching about God and the bible.


I chose LAA so my kids could have an Adventist education. LAA teaches kids about God's love and kids grow spiritually. Pastor Carlis is great with teaching the students bible.


We chose LAA because we wanted our girls to get a well-rounded Christian education. My girls love their teachers.


We chose LAA due to the small class size and the individualized attention given to the students. My favorite about LAA is the people at the school. The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students.


We chose LAA because the Adventist school teaches God's spiritual values. My favorite thing about LAA is the attention they give to each child regardless of color or race.

-Lauro & Alexi